Minvostokrazvitiya is going to change the law on Far Eastern PDA

This was told by the head of the ministry Alexander Galushka

Proposals for changes to the law on territories of priority development were made by the head of Minskvostokrazvitiya Alexander Galushka at a meeting on preliminary results of work on creating a PDA in 2015-2017, RIA VladNews reports with reference to the ministry's press service.

One of the changes will affect the performance indicators of the territories of advanced development. The head of the Minsk region presented three such indicators for discussion. The first is related to the ratio of private and budget investments in the project.

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– To date, we are guided by these indicators. Therefore, there is a proposal to consolidate them at the level of the government’s act. To approve that for one budget ruble, which is invested in the creation of the infrastructure of the PDA, at least three rubles of private investment should be attracted, “said Galushka. The minister noted that the relevant precedent was created for investment projects receiving targeted infrastructure support from the state.

The second indicator of the effectiveness of the PDA relates to the cost for the budget of creating one workplace.

The third indicator is the amount of added value that investors create for one budgeted ruble of investments in infrastructure. This indicator was proposed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and was approved in Minskostokrazvitiya.

“We can use this indicator not earlier than in five years, when the projects are launched, will be launched at full capacity, and we will have the opportunity to properly assess this,” the head Minskostok noted.

Part of the amendments Minvostokrazvitiya worked out jointly with the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance. They concern the introduction of amendments to the law on TOR, clarification of the procedure for acquiring the status of a resident and the distribution of benefits on insurance premiums to investors:

– It is about clearly defining at the level of the law that such benefits are provided for new jobs that arise as a result of the creation of new capacities. The corresponding bill has been prepared, conciliation proceedings on it are coming to an end, we are ready to submit it to the government of the Russian Federation within 2 weeks, ” Galushka summed up.