The program of preferential crediting for the citizens who have received the “Far Eastern hectare”

The "Chukotka AR Development Fund" NGO will take part in the promotion of a new integrated approach to the development of land plots within the framework of the "Far Eastern Hectare", which is a joint program of the "Far East Development Fund of Baikal region "and PAO Mail concessional lending bank.

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This program is launched in accordance with the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yu.P. Trutnev within the framework of the implementation of Federal Law No. 119-FZ “On the peculiarities of granting to citizens of land plots in state or municipal ownership located on the territories of constituent entities of the Russian Federation that are part of the Far Eastern Federal District and on amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” from 01.05.2016.

Based on the survey data on support measures for the development of “Far Eastern hectare”, conducted by the Agency for Human Capital Development in general this time, 47% of potential participants in the program are not satisfied with the availability of financial resources. Therefore, this program provides for a mechanism in which citizens who have received a “Far Eastern hectare” will be given the opportunity to obtain a soft loan in the amount of 3 to 300 thousand rubles. At a rate of 8.0% – 10.5% per annum for a period of 3 months to 5 years in a partner bank, in order to purchase goods and services necessary for the development of these land plots. The decision on extradition is taken by the bank on the basis of its scoring system.

To ensure equal access for all participants of the program, an electronic platform will be created, where each participant of the program will be able to present goods and services or purchase the goods and services that are of interest to him for acquiring a land plot. The “Chukotka Development Fund ” plans to identify potential suppliers of goods and services under preferential loans in the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Region among active investors and will invite them to register as a manufacturer for inclusion in the electronic trading platform.

The implementation of the program will increase the interest of citizens to the “Far Eastern hectare”, and the current residents of the PDA “Beringovsky”, the enterprises of the district as a whole, the beginning business this approach will give an additional qualitative impetus to business development, will expand marketing opportunities and offer its unique products not only in the territory Chukotka Autonomous Region, but throughout the Far East.

Fund87, 02.02.2017