“Chukotka AO Development Fund” will support potential residents of PDA “Beringovsky”

A non-profit organization, the Fund for the Development of Economics and Direct Investments of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, began to work in Chukotka, which will be engaged in escorting potential residents of the priority development area (PDA).

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Director is Olga Plotnikova, who is also the official representative of the “Corporation of development of the Far East” in Chukotka.

As Olga Plotnikova commented, the main task set for today to the organization is the implementation of measures to attract investments to the territory of the Region, establishing interaction with government bodies, banks and business communities.

– There are already 20 applications from potential residents on the territory of advanced development. Approximately the first officially approved resident of the PDA will appear in Chukotka in April. The Fund is ready to actively contribute to future investors, creating the most comfortable conditions for colleagues, including assisting in the preparation of necessary documents and accompanying projects at various stages of their implementation, stressed Olga Plotnikova.

According to her, all the necessary information about the fund’s work and potential cooperation can be found by visiting the official website of the organization – www.fond87.ru.

We recall that in order to become a resident of the PDA “Beringovsky”, the candidate company must be registered on the territory of advanced development, have a business plan and a starting investment capital in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

Fund87, 04.04.2016