For financial institutions (Deposit placement)

The results of the contest

Protocol No.2 of the meeting of the Tender Committee


The non-profit organization "Fund for the Development of Economics and Direct Investments of the Chukotka Autonomous Region" (hereinafter referred to as the Fund, the Organizer) notifies the holding of a tender among credit institutions for the right to conclude a bank deposit agreement.

The organizer of the competition is the Non-Profit Organization "Fund for the Development of Economics and Direct Investments of the Chukotka Autonomous Region".

The main criterion for competitive selection:

  • The proposed interest rate.

Additional criteria for competitive selection:

  • monthly accrual and payment of interest on the deposit (deposit), without the possibility of unilateral change in the interest rate in the direction of reduction during the contract period;
  • absence of commissions and fees for operations on the deposit account;
  • the possibility of unconditional full or partial early withdrawal of the deposit (deposit), within 10 (Ten) working days from the date the bank receives the notice of withdrawal, without loss of profitability.

Credit organizations applying for a loan must meet the requirements specified in the "Procedure for investing and / or placing temporarily available funds", approved on February 20, 2017. Protocol of the Fund Council No. 3;

Only credit organizations that have submitted the required package of documents in full are allowed to participate in the contest. The submitted documents are not returned to the applicants.

Conclusion of bank deposit (deposit) contracts is offered for the following lots:

Lot 1

15 000 000 rub.

1 year

Lot 2

15 000 000 rub.

1 year

Lot 3

10 000 000 rub.

1 year

Lot 4

5 000 000 rub.

6 months

Lot 5

5 000 000 rub.

6 months

Place, time and deadline for receipt of applications and documentation:

689000, Chukotka Autonomous Region, Anadyr, Otke, 2, 2 floor, office. 42, tel. (42722) 6-93-29.

Acceptance of bids starts at 09:00 "21" February 2017, is held on working days from 09:00 until 6:00 pm, lunch break from 12:30 until 14:30. And ends at 5 pm. "22" March 2017.

Place, date of consideration of applications and summarizing the results of the competition: 11:00 "23" March 2017, Anadyr, Otke, 2.

The bank deposit (deposit) agreements for each lot between the Fund and the winner (s) of the tender shall be concluded no later than 20 working days from the day of the end of the competition.

As a result of the contest, several winners' banks may be identified.

For each lot, one winner can be selected.

The representative of the Organizer of the competition for circulation on the issues of the competition: the director of the Fund Olga Sergeevna Plotnikova tel. (42722) 6-93-29, +7 924-666-0112.

Competition documentation:

The order of investment and (or) placement of temporarily available funds