PDA «Chukotka»

PDA «Beringovsky» was established in accordance with:
• Federal Law of December 29, 2014 No. 473-FZ "On the territories of advanced social and economic development in the Russian Federation",
• Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 21, 2015 № 876 "On the creation of a territory ahead of socio-economic development "Beringovsky".

The resolution defines:
• the location of the boundaries of the PDA (37 cadastral districts),
• the list of economic activities in the implementation of which there is a special legal regime for conducting business activities for residents of the PDA (47 classes of activities);
• the minimum volume of capital investment by residents of the PDA in the implementation of relevant economic activities – 500 thousand rubles,
• the application of the customs procedure of the free customs zone, established by the customs legislation of the Customs Union.

The total area of the PDA "Beringovsky" is 159.5 thousand km2 (15.9 million ha).

The PDA "Beringovsky" is unique in scale. It includes the territory of the urban district of Anadyr and a significant part of the territory of Anadyr municipal district. In its borders there are ten settlements and inter-settlement territories.

The specificity of the PDA "Beringovsky" is that the transfer of its entire territory to the management company is not carried out, isolated areas are not allocated for the residents. The activities of residents are carried out "point-by-point" on the sites already used by them, or planned to be used within the boundaries of the PDA "Beringovsky".

Specialization of the PDA – mining of coal, oil and gas, metal ores and other minerals, processing, production, transport and other services. The list of permitted activities for residents includes 47 classes of economic activities according to OKVED.

The main production platform of the PDA is the Bering coal deposit (more than 1 billion tons of coal). High degree of investment projects include the phased development of the Amaam and Upper Alkatvaam deposits. Creation of industrial, transport and energy infrastructure is planned at the expense of private investments. Investor – Tigers Realm Coal.

The companies involved in the project implementation are main residents of the PDA. Currently, the F pilot project is being implemented at the «Fandyushkin Field», the beginning of coal production is expected at the end of 2016.

The output to the designed capacity by 2028 will ensure the production of more than 10 million tons of high-quality coking coal concentrate per year.

A PDA resident may be a legal entity - a commercial organization (with the exception of unitary enterprises) or an individual entrepreneur who has concluded an agreement with the Management Company and is included in the register of PDA residents, corresponding to the conditions:
• state registration in the territory of the PDA "Beringovsky",
• implementation of activities for residents established in the territory of the PDA "Beringovsky",
• creation of infrastructure facilities for the implementation of the declared activity in the territory of the PDA "Beringovsky",
• minimum investment in infrastructure – 500 thousand rubles.

Residents of the PDA are not entitled to have branches and representative offices outside the PDA, nor can participants of regional investment projects be residents of the PDA.

In order to ensure the activities within the PDA "Beringovsky":

1. The agreement on the creation of Beringovsky PDA № 01-4 / 2015 of September 17, 2015 between the Ministry of Territorial Development of Russia, the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, the Administration of the Anadyr Urban District and the Administration of the Anadyr Municipal District was concluded.

2. The normative acts of the Region and municipalities on the establishment of tax preferences for residents of the PDA since January 1, 2016 were adopted:
law of the Chukotka Autonomous Region of October 13, 2015 No. 94-OZ "On Amendments to Articles 1 and 3 of the Law of the Chukotka Autonomous Region" On Certain Issues of Tax Regulation in the Chukotka Autonomous Region", for which residents of the PDA are subject to reduced tax rates of corporate income tax , Property tax of organizations;
Decisions of the Council of Deputies of the Anadyr Municipal District of 15.10.2015 No. 174 and the Council of Deputies of the urban district of Anadyr of December 15, 2015 № 110 on the establishment for residents of the PDA of reduced tax rates of land tax to be credited to local budgets.

3. In general, starting from January 1, 2016, residents of the PDA "Beringovsky" are provided preferences at the federal, regional and municipal levels:
✎  Free customs zone regime
✎  Reducing the rate of income tax:
from 20% to 0% in the first five years after receiving the first profit
from 20% to 12% in the next five years
✎  Decrease in the rate of the tax on extraction of minerals:
the reduction factor is 0 before the first profit is received
the reduction factor is from 0 to 100% within 10 years after the first profit
✎  Reduction of compulsory insurance contributions for 10 years:
from 22% to 6% – to the Pension Fund
from 2.9% to 1.5% – to the Social Insurance Fund
from 5.1% to 0.1% – to the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund
✎  Decrease in property tax rate:
from 2.2% to 0% in the first five years, to 1.1% in the next five years.
✎  Land tax reduction: 0% rate for three years

In addition to customs and tax preferences, a preferential procedure for recruiting foreign citizens, simplified administrative procedures, including for obtaining a construction permit, and a shortened time for control checks conducted within the framework of state and municipal control (supervision) are introduced for PDA residents.

4. The activities of the non-profit organization "Fund for the Development of Economics and Direct Investments of the Chukotka Autonomous Region"

The Fund provides free advice and assistance in the preparation of business plans for processing an application for resident status in the Chukotka Autonomous Region, as well as further support for the implementation of projects:
689000, Anadyr, Otke st., 2
website: www.fond87.ru
Director of the Fund: Olga Sergeevna Plotnikova, tel. +7 (42722) 6-93-29
e-mail: plotnikovaos@fond87.ru

5. Coordination on issues related to activities under the PDA "Beringovsky" is carried out by the Department of Finance, Economy and Property Relations of the Chukotka Autonomous Region:
689000, Anadyr, Otke st., 2,
Tel. +7 (42722) 6-93-23, fax 6-93-18,
e-mail: ElenaK@depfin.chukotka-gov.ru

6. A working relationship has been established with the Management Company – JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" (CDFE) on the assignment of the status of residents of the PDA and the implementation of the agreement on its creation.

In Anadyr, an office of the CDFE has been established, which ensures the reception of applications and advice to potential residents of the PDA, as well as operational interaction with the offices of the CDFE in Moscow and Vladivostok.

7. Information support of the activities of the PDA is carried out.
Detailed information on the PDA:
"Beringovsky" can be obtained: on the site of the Chukotka Autonomous Region in the section PDA "Beringovsky" under the link: http://чукотка.рф/tor-beringovskii/,
on the website of the managing company – JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East": http://erdc.ru/.
Applications for obtaining the status of a resident of the TOR "Beringovsky" may be sent to the Managing Company – JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" through the company's website: http://erdc.ru/tor-request.

The application in paper form can be sent by mail or brought personally to the addresses of the representative offices of JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" in Moscow, Vladivostok and Anadyr:
Legal address: 109382, Moscow, Lublinskaya St., 86,
e-mail: info@erdc.ru
Addresses of the locations of the divisions:
in Moscow: 123317, Moscow, Presnenskaya emb., 8, building 1, floor 7, IFC «City of Capitals», Northern Block, tel. 8-800-707-55-58,
in Vladivostok: 690922, about. Russian, Ajax, 10, Campus FEFU, Corpus A, Ur. 118, tel. +7 (423) 222-55-58
in Anadyr: 689000, Anadyr, Otke St., 2, cab. № 42, ph. +7 (42722) 6-93-29