An entrepreneur from the village of Vaegi has found an investor for the construction of a year-round greenhouse

In March, the Individual Entrepreneur for Consultative Aid for the Construction Project for a year-round industrial greenhouse in the village of Vaegi addressed the Chukotka Development Fund.

The Fund provided advisory assistance, as well as a business plan, which the individual entrepreneur managed to find an investor for the project.

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Under the project, it is planned to build a year-round industrial greenhouse in the village of Vaegi with an area of 250 square meters for growing vegetables. The aim of the project is to provide residents of the village of Vaegi and nearby settlements with fresh agricultural products – cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, greens. Depending on the demand, the choice of crops for cultivation can vary. Prices and quality of products will constitute a significant competition for imported air transport of vegetables and greens.

In favor of this project says the lack of a competitive environment – in the village there are no industrial greenhouses. In summer, part of the population grows vegetables for personal use in their own greenhouses. The problem of deficit of fresh vegetables exists since the closing of the greenhouse farm. Trade enterprises and entrepreneurs are very reluctant to bring this type of products to villages, especially in winter. This is due to the risk of loss of consumer quality of goods due to a short period of storage, territorial distance from district centers and the complexity of logistics. With prolonged transportation, vegetables become less suitable for consumption. The transport scheme is complex and multistage, as well as high cost.

In the first year of the project, it is planned to attract two employees. The total estimated investment volume is 2 377 thousand rubles. The total estimated volume of capital investments is 1,975 thousand rubles. The payback period of the project is 1.9 years. On average, the profitability of the project will be 55%.

Fund87, 11.05.2017